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A retail tech company Itvillage, Implement smart stores.
A retail tech company Itvillage, Implement smart stores.
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Our Vision,
Role and Value
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Direction of the company
Based on the principle of trust and customer satisfaction, with customer-centered thinking We create present and future value for our customers through innovation and collaboration.
Main business role
To implement an intelligent store based on years of know-how We provide all software and hardware supply and services
Principles of Conduct and Talent
Creative thinking (Creative), collaboration and sharing (Cooperative), We work in an ethical way to ourselves.
What we do?
Retail Solution
Utilization of existing systems and new Optimized service between systems provide. customer-specific design Possible and professional operation management intelligent store including services It is suggested by ITVillage.
IT Consulting
IT prides itself on its insight and Customer’s business with professional technology We prioritize value creation. IT consulting, system design and construction, Various customer situations such as maintenance reflect.
Product supply
Customer service and continuous improvement Operation/maintenance with the goal Provides stability and reliability. immediate Able to handle and specialized technical support We practice quality control through service.
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